What’s the latest @ RRC?

We’re planning for the UPCOMING FALL CAMPS!  There’s our annual “Mother/Daughter Weekend” (ages 8-99), Oct. 12-14; and the annual “Thanksgiving Camp” (boys & girls, ages 8-12), Nov. 19-21!

To register, go to “CAMPS”, click on “Register Now”.


A common question we get asked – WHAT do y’all do when SUMMER CAMP ends? 

WHEN summer camp ends, the things that have been put on HOLD, we start to do again. Like what? For Mrs. Dee, it’s OFFICE work (lots of it), for Mr. Joe, it’s the OUTSIDE (lots of that, too), bush hogging, mending fences, working with his bucking bulls, feeding, making sure there’s gonna be HAY for ALL the stock to eat in the winter, etc.   So, if you EVER wonder why the website, Facebook, Instagram, registration site hasn’t been updated, or how come the mowing or weed eating hasn’t been done, now you understand! 🙂

–Mrs. Dee

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  1. My husband said he been to this place when he was younger and had a lot of fun riding horses with his friends and camping I would really like our kids to experience more outdoors like this I’m very excited

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