What’s the latest @ RRC?

When JANUARY rolls around, it’s “hit the ground running”! Preparation, preparation, preparation for upcoming camps, including             “SUMMER CAMP 2019”!! It’s time for preparing/cleaning/updating the camp grounds, THEME WORK, STAFF TRAINING, ADVERTISING, WEBSITE UPDATES, REGISTRATIONS, E T C.  (Sometimes there’s not enough of Mrs. Dee & Mr. Joe:)! Whoops, did I mention the GRANDS are busy with their own activities, that Pops and Nan don’t want to miss!! (AND I just remembered we have 5 new horses that will be a year old this spring – LOTS OF WORK with them, too!!)

So, come be a part of RRC, it’s definitely exciting & FUN!!


To register, go to “CAMPS”, click on “Register Now”.

One thought on “What’s the latest @ RRC?”

  1. My husband said he been to this place when he was younger and had a lot of fun riding horses with his friends and camping I would really like our kids to experience more outdoors like this I’m very excited

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