When I was a little girl and my mom would ask how I wanted to spend my summer, and I would always cheer, “horse camp!!”  I tried a few different camps in Louisiana and Arkansas that offered horseback riding, but they all lacked one thing or another in the perfect camp experience.  My aunt stumbled upon an ad for Redeemed Ranch Camp, and told my mom that they offered a Spring Break Camp.  I went, and I was HOOKED!  They offered an experience unlike any other camp I had attended.  They had horses that were well cared for, and that we got to develop a relationship with during the week at camp.  We could brush them and get them ready to ride; in my mind, it was like having my very own horse for a week. We could swim, fish, peddle around the pond in boats, complete challenge courses, play games, and stay in train cars with microwaves, refrigerators, and air conditioning!! After Spring Break camp, I didn’t tell my mom I wanted to go to “horse camp.”  I wanted to go to RRC!  
I grew up at Redeemed Ranch.  I met some of my very best friends there, and those friends are now speech therapists, veterinarians, teachers, and nurses.  I didn’t only learn about horses, though, I also learned about myself and my Creator– that I am valuable, that I can mess up and make mistakes, and that it’s okay… I could fix them, and there were always people to help me with fixing them.  I learned each person is uniquely gifted, and with those gifts in mind, working hard together can be so fun. Finally, I learned how tremendously rewarding it is to love like Jesus.  At RRC, I gained experience interacting with new people and grew to connect and find rapport with them.  Camp really taught me how to love people, and how to give my all and strive for excellence in all that I do.  Today, as a general dentist, I use the skills that I developed at RRC every day as I care for every patient and interact with each person in our office.  I am so blessed that I could grow up on this ranch, and always have a home and family at Redeemed Ranch Camp.