What’s the latest @ RRC? RRC is closed.

Redeemed Ranch Camp is closed as a camping facility. It seems the Lord has called us in a different direction now. We enjoyed SO MUCH the ministry with all the children & youth (& adults) in the 20 years of camping!!! We sure MISS YOU ALL and we continue to pray for you! Mr. Joe is now pastoring Yellow Pine Christian Church in Sibley, Louisiana. Please feel free to follow us in this ministry – we’re continuing to share the love of God. Remember, He loves you and we do too!

Thank you for understanding!

Mr. Joe and Mrs. Dee


2 thoughts on “What’s the latest @ RRC?”

  1. Any decision on 2021 camp yet? ?. Will 2020 campers get notified or do I need to keep eye on website still?


    1. Hi Kelly, not sure when you sent your message to RRC. We’re no longer having any kind of camps @ RRC. Thank you for checking.

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